An update on Slaton and clarification on reporting

Texas Representative, Bryan Slaton details in our Elected Officials  Directory | The Texas Tribune

Previously we published a developing story regarding the marriage of Bryan Slaton (HD2).

While we believed at the time the article was accurate based on the information available, we knew it wasn’t the full story. We now know the story was misleading regarding the underlying facts.

Often times, without context, news can blow up in unexpected ways, which they did, and that is partially our fault.

It appears now that information we receieved was stirred up by lefty lawyers hungry for a case against a Republican. In fact, no allegations of violence were ever lodged as part of the Slaton divorce proceedings and we are happy to hear that Slaton and his wife are working to reconcile their marriage.

Slaton is irreplaceable in the work he does for Texas and Texans.

We’ve taken down the previous article.