BREAKING: Slaton's (HD-2) Wife Seeking Divorce, Claiming Domestic Violence. UPDATED (8pm)

Texas Representative, Bryan Slaton details in our Elected Officials  Directory | The Texas Tribune


This is a developing story. Bryan Slaton’s (HD-2) wife is seeking divorce and is claiming there is domestic violence involved. We’re waiting on more info.

Slaton has been a champion for conservative values and issues and we’re praying for all parties involved.

UPDATE: We’ve corrected a title issue to “seeking” divorce.

UPDATE 2: Massive amounts of unconfirmed information floating around. We’re hearing everything from Slaton was the one who filed divorce to Slaton’s wife being the aggressor in all of this. We’re hearing different stories from multiple people so at this point we’re going to just leave it at a thing has happened and it is not good.