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03/07/23 Current Revolt Speaks with Kenny Webster on KPRC 950AM

Covering the Leftist plot to mutilate your kids in Frisco ISD.

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Kenny Webster from the Pursuit of Happiness show on KPRC 950AM speaks with Current Revolt Founder, Tony Ortiz, about extremist Frisco ISD trustees coordinating with Democrats to stifle conservative parents and trustees to ensure your kids can get their genitals chopped off.

Listen to the full show of Kenny Webster’s Pursuit of Happiness here.

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Frisco ISD School Board Trustees Conspire With Leftist Group
Watch now (4 min) | After Frisco ISD Trustee, Marvin Lowe, was slandered with “sexually harassing” a trans child for simply dissenting, and with no real evidence by the way, we’ve received undercover recordings (real evidence) of three trustees conspiring in a secret meeting: Renee Archambault, Dynette Davis, and Debbie Gillespie…
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