Christian Nationalism Enjoyer Endorses BIG Family Bill

HB2889 might be the bill that saves Texas.

Christian Nationalist Fan and TikTok Dad, Chris Tackett, has released a new video explaining (and possibly endorsing) Bryan Slaton’s pro-marriage and pro-family Bill HB 2889. He lays out framework for a what some are calling the “Best Bill of the Decade”. It’s a must watch.

The future of Texas

The key feature of the bill:

  • Get married and stay married: you get 10% reduction in property taxes

  • Get married, stay married and have 4+ kids: you get 40% reduction in property taxes

  • Get married, stay married and have 10+ kids: you get a 100% reduction in property taxes

Like Mr. Tackett describes, this will result in a population boom in Texas which will strength our state immeasurably. It will also refocus people’s priorities around family building instead of vain career or pleasure pursuits.

It’s no surprise that the state of the American family is serious disarray. Texas fares better than most states due to our states devotion to Jesus Christ, but we still have issues:

Divorce rates top 20% (~80% of them instigated by women).

Childlessness is up.

Sorry you had to see this

Those who have families are having fewer kids.

Which way, Texas?

Given this predicament, we were very happy to see Representative Bryan Slaton (HD 2) file HB 2889 to promote marriage, discourage divorce and give tax incentives to large families.

And it was a BIG WIN for this bill to be showcased by Chris Tackett on his popular TikTok channel.

This is exactly what Texas needs.

Shortly after God breathed life into Adam and Eve, he gave them His first commandment:

Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it

Adam and Eve were blessed for keeping the Lord’s commandment and if we as Texans will heed the commandment to be fruitful and multiply we will be blessed as well.

Liberals don’t believe in Jesus Christ, as a result they don’t have big families. They’re too worried about the carbon footprint or “not being able to travel” or any number of other hedonistic excuses.

Children are basically an inconvenience to them, but since there is a biological imperative instilled in us by the Creator they still end up having them, albeit unwillingly.

So to get revenge on God, they use their children to push their weird political agendas. It’s a very sad existence for these people.

Mother and Son

On the other hand, those with big families reap the blessings of God and ensure that the population is filled with folks who are family-minded and Christian.

Having a big family means you have parents who are dedicated to each other; divorce is not on the table.

Having a big family means one parent, preferably the mother, needs to stay at home because managing the household becomes critically important to the family’s success. This is a role she was designed for.

Having a big family means the home is where children receive their primary education. They learn directly from their parents who need to instill their beliefs in their kids to maintain household order. The kids learn to work as a team and support one another through difficulties.

Having a big family is where fathers get a taste of what it is like to be our Heavenly Father. They learn compassion, justice, mercy, sternness and stoicism. All of which make them good leaders and anchors in their community.

I could go on & on; all of these things result in positive impacts on your community and your government.

Many of the bills on the table this legislative session are dealing with broken people and weirdos. Our society worships these freaks. It’s time normal, God-fearing folks were represented and catered to.

If you are young and reading this, plan for a big family, if you are married and are reading this, plan for additional kids and if you’re too old to have anymore kids, support this bill by calling your representatives encouraging them to support it.

Share this bill with your friends; it may be the very bill that saves Texas.

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Gordon Bombay