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Creepy Craig Goldman BATTLES High-T Tony Tinderholt on Impending Screw Job Session

We hope House members are happy with the choices they have made.

A skirmish took place on the Texas House floor as total creep and chosen leader of the House Republican Caucus Craig Goldman did battle with “The People’s Speaker” Tony Dale Tinderholt.

They discuss the rules and the constitution or something. Does anyone really care?

They are debating leaving early for a long weekend. Tinderholt points out the GOP members are being asked to pass a lot of legislation, and when they don’t pass what voters want, these creeps will claim they ran out of time. This is a perennial scam they run.

Tinderholt points out there is an easy way around this rule, and that it used to be standard practice to blow this rule off until a few years ago.

No explanation is given and then Tinderholt is disrespected by Phelan and Craig Goldman in a very weird and feminine way.

What is this? Who are these people?

High-T points out the House is on pace for the biggest screwjob session in history.

The most powerful men in this chamber act like catty teenage girls when confronted with a man who is straight-up in asking you to explain yourself. They also cut him off and interrupted his speaking repeatedly.

This is the treatment you get for asking why they suck.

Whatever. I’m bored.

I’m just waiting for the next sex scandal to drop. Hopefully it includes illegal alien prostitutes and big booty Latinas. If we are going to have an open border with the third world, the least this government could do is deliver some third world perks.

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