Sep 21, 2022 • 13M

09/19/22 Current Revolt speaks with Kenny Webster on KPRC 950AM

Discussing the City of Plano’s “kid friendly” LGBTQ+ festival

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On Monday we published a report on the City of Plano Sponsored LGBTQ+ festival which was geared towards little children.

Current Revolt
“Slut” Magnets Given Out at “Family Friendly” Plano Pride Festival
Over the weekend the City of Plano hosted a LGBTQ+ pride festival designed to expose children to extreme sexual content and satanic worship by admitting all kids under 12 for FREE! Sadly, many degenerate parents (mostly single white women) took their kids to this event where they saw disgusting paraphernalia and participated evil ritua…
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Shortly after publishing, Kenny Webster from KPRC 950 AM reached out to discuss more details of this disturbing event on his daily radio show Pursuit of Happiness. Take a listen.

Listen to the whole show here.