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Dade Phelan EXPOSED as Border Security Grifter

We are allowing everyone into this country, literally.

In what has been a non-stop rush for the border since usurper Brandon took office, the biggest rush ever just hit El Paso, and Dade Phelan’s plan is…let ‘em all in…as long as it’s legally.

Live footage of El Paso citizens

In 2016 Americans finally took a stand for their country and their countrymen. They had enough. Trump was elected solely to shut down immigration to this country. From that point, we would work to Make America Great Again.

Americans had been clamoring for it, and every politician had refused to touch the issue.

Ann Coulter, who famously predicted Donald Trump’s win only a few days after he announced his candidacy, said that Trump was willing to touch the third rail of American politics, immigration, and that is why he would win. She was right!

Trump would ultimately be thwarted in his immigration agenda by nefarious forces within the State Department and the GOP. But his rhetoric was aggressive enough that it deterred border crossers during his presidency.

Now we have a fake president inviting the world to “come on in” and boy are they coming.

Why is it the right of every third-worlder to come and live in your neighborhood? Many normal Americans are asking this question.

So who will pick up the torch for this wildly popular immigration issue?

It’s not going to be Greg Abbott. Tucker Carson humiliated the limp governor on his show a few weeks ago.

Maybe Dan Patrick? Nah, too busy dressing in drag (probably).

Many looked to the Texas Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan, a man with the power and political capital to get something done, but alas, his plan is a nothingburger. It boils down to changing every illegal alien to a refugee/asylum seeker and letting them all in just the same.

It’s a very dumb plan

Independent journalist, and former Current Revolt reporter, Slippy Toad pointed out on Twitter that Phelan’s plan is the same as Biden’s plan.

There’s now evidence emerging that the Red Cross is handing out maps to illegal immigrant caravans.

Remember this next time you donate to the Globalists at the Red Cross

The hard truth is anyone in Texas without a valid visa is a dishonest criminal, worse than a petty thief.

I would tell schoolchildren if their parents snuck over, they are of low character, common criminals, they are serial liars, and probably lie to their children as well. How else can you describe such actions?

Texas currently allows “bounty hunters” for abortionists and is looking to expand the bounty program to include perverted drag performers during the current legislative sessions. So why not do this for illegal immigrants?

I’m telling you, it would only take two weeks of Texas volunteer militiamen guarding the border for illegal immigration to drop to zero.

This wouldn’t even be cruel. In fact, this is a moderate position as these folks deserve much worse. The humane thing to do is to end illegal immigration once and for all.

There’s a lot of bad stuff coming down the pipe. The economy may collapse and enter a recession this year, but if Texians will repent and submit themselves to Jesus Christ and follow his commandments he will heal us and protect us from the coming evil.

Almost 200 years ago, Texians trusted their fate into the hands of their Maker, it’s time to do it again.

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