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Dade Phelan is Gay for Dems

Yikes! Those Log Cabin Republicans are really rubbing off on him

The TXGOP convention is underway and while many conservatives are working hard to advance Texas First policies, Texas Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan, is spending his time defending Democrats.

In the leaked video, Rep. Phelan appeared very weak and effeminate as he patronized delegates who wanted to know why he gave chairmanships of critical committees to Democrats. His defense: “Democrats are the real Republicans!”

Current Revolt rates this statement as…

Let’s break it down:


Rep. Phelan claims that the last time democrats had control of the Texas House they gave Republicans committee chairs and he’s just returning the favor. OK, let’s see…the last time democrats controlled the house was in 2002.

What have Democrats done in the last 2 decades:

  • Legalized sodomy (Dade’s personal favorite)

  • Normalized weiner installs and weiner removals

  • Institutionalized hatred of White Americans (CRT)

  • Flooded the country with illegal aliens

  • Captured every single mainstream media outlet

  • Banned and deplatformed conservative pundits and politicians from the public square

  • Tore down and removed hundreds of statues of great American leaders


Maybe it’s time to reconsider that position, Dade.

Besides, we all know how these deals get done in Austin. It’s one big uni-party. They get rich and their constituents get distractions.

Democrats would never give a chairmanship to a Republican who would actually work to advance the conservative agenda. They give them to someone who’s in their elite club or someone who has been compromised and will do as they’re told.


Rep. Phelan claims not a single conservative bill was killed by a Democrat committee chair.

By placing Democrats as committee chairs you signal to the few actual conservative Republican Representarives that any aggressive conservative policies won’t get through and you shouldn’t waste your time.

Anything that does get through, is so watered down and neutered it won’t be effective.

The best example he could offer was HB 3979 which came out of the Democrat-chaired, Public Education Committee. This is the fake anti-CRT bill, which passed in the 99th special session last year. Not only did that bill not ban CRT, it doesn’t even mention it.

It’s time for real conservative Republicans to be put in charge of our house committees or maybe just put Bryan Slaton in charge of all of them. I don’t care. Anything would be better than what we have now.

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