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Dan Crenshaw Allegedly Backstabs SEAL, Tries To Jail Him

Has Eyepatch McCain finally Gone Too Far?

Throughout his career, Rep. Dan Crenshaw pretends to be a patriotic, “rough and tumble,” fighter for freedom, sanity and the American way; new allegations, combined with past misdeeds, could debunk these smokescreens once and for all. Crenshaw is in trouble again after Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher alleged that he not only refused to help him after getting jailed for killing ISIS soldiers, but was actively keeping Gallagher in prison. Is Crenshaw a Satanic gay communist, or something worse?

According to Gallagher, when a petition requesting his release circulated among Republican congressmen, Crenshaw both refused to sign AND tried to keep others from doing so. Thankfully, Gallagher was found “not guilty,” and is back with his family. Despite his public image, Crenshaw appears to be the opposite of a Right-Wing, pro-America public servant.

As if this and playing defense for Biden weren't enough, Cringeshaw has a long history of spouting Leftist talking points, including attacking the Second Amendment. He’s also infamous for supporting a national vaccine database, and proudly voting with Democrats to remove Confederate monuments, erasing Southern history. In a nutshell, Crenshaw is exhibit A for there being little difference between “Gay Old Party” apparatchiks, and Democrats.

Worst of all perhaps, Crenshaw was caught calling Jesus Christ (our Lord and Savior) a “fictional character” comparable to Superman. When questioned by a young woman about this, Crenshaw got triggered and arrogantly squawked “Don’t question my faith!” He preceded to call her “unchristlike” for a simple question, treating her worse than he does Democrats.

He acts like such an arrogant prisspot, he attempted assault on comedian Alex Stein when confronted on policy defects. If that’s not visceral egomania, we don’t know what is.

In another recent scandal, he apparently hired Texas Young Republican Matt Wiltshire as a staffer, who basically called anyone to Hillary Clinton’s Right a “cancer” to be “excised.” While Crenshaw may be looking for new bases to groom janissaries from (more are noticing his swindling), it could be because he’s the Texas Young Republican’s National Committeeman. How disturbing is it that the New York YRs have more ideologically sane leadership than their Texas counterparts?

As of this article, Crenshaw hasn’t fired Wiltshire for his bizarre rambling. Whether it’s abandoning wrongly accused veterans, attacking gun rights, or hiring lunatics, Crenshaw cannot be considered Center-Right, or Rightist at all. The fact some call him “conservative” is astounding, and demonstrates political illiteracy on their end.

Another thing Crenshaw proves is the real reason politicians like him tone police is they can’t stand mild criticism, and saying “you’re mean” ad nauseam is the only “argument” remaining; picture what Jeb Bush tried with Trump.

On a semi-topical note, let’s answer a question some readers have asked; NO, there’s no evidence Dan Crenshaw visited Epstein’s Island. He may act similarly to cabal members policy-wise, but we cannot and shoudn’t lump him in without proper research.

POV: you just questioned a minute policy matter.

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