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Denton County Public Health Encourage 13-Year-Olds to Explore Sexuality

They also suggested condoms to find out what they "like."

Undercover video allegedly shows Denton County Public Health conspiring to facilitate 13-year-olds becoming sexuality active, with a self-described “progressive” admitting she starts grooming kids for sex at age 4.

“…that way, they can kinda explore [sex] and figure out what they like.”

Not exactly something to be proud of.

On June 9th, “Pridenton” a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, hosted a gay pride event at the Denton Downtown Square.

The event hosted vendors, one of which included Denton County Public Health.

In the video above, a self-proclaimed sex educator and licensed therapist allegedly encouraged someone to take condoms and provide them to a 13-year-old for them to explore their sexuality.

The sex educator was working the Denton County Public Health booth, seemingly as a volunteer. She also mentioned that she teaches independently and works with children from as young as age 4 all the way through high school age. One of the schools she works with is the Koan School in Denton, which bills itself as a non-profit private school for K-12th grade students.

Via KoanSchool.Org:

The school is located on a beautiful 15-acre farmstead, complete with animals, natural ponds, and woods for exploring. The main building on the property was converted from a single-family home into a charming 5-room school house.

We wonder what kind of things are going on with children at this farm if staff are allegedly encouraging 13-year-olds to take condoms to explore their sexuality and “figure out what they like.”

The woman allegedly gives the person in the video a package of 24 condoms, a condom holder, HIV testing information, and rainbow flags. This is all supposed to be appropriate for a 13-year-old.

A sex package for a 13 year old from Denton County Public Health

The Human Rights Campaign also had a table at the event. They spoke at length about wanting to fight against “anti-trans and anti-drag” bills that were successfully passed in Texas.

Screencap from video above.

When the undercover person in the video mentions fining people for misgendering individuals, the Human Rights Campaign staffer says, “Hopefully! History is on our side.”

Although we have passed bills like SB12 and SB14, which ban drag shows and gender mutilation of children, these these weirdos have no intention of letting up. They clearly plan on challenging all these laws in the courts, because they are obsessed with sexualizing children at all costs.

Gene Wu is obsessed with making child mutilation legal in the state of Texas

It’s disconcerting that we must scramble to pass laws to ban various precursors to pedophilia—yet here we are.

During the latest legislative session, Texas achieved a number of victories when it comes to protecting children. Protect Texas Kids posted a good recap showing all the good bills that passed.

via Protect Texas Kids

These are a good start, but Texans must remember to keep the pressure on. The left has signaled they plan to challenge anything that promotes normalcy and protects children.

Any kids they can’t abort, they plan to corrupt.

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