FINALLY! A Mid-cities Pastor Takes a Stand Against the Marxist Takeover

Get thee hence, Satan!


Robert Morris, the pastor of Gateway Church in North DFW, has declared his community a “Marxist-free Zone” and has informed his congregation that there are some “very fine Christians running for school board and city council” in their community and that members of his church should “pray and vote.”

It’s refreshing to see.

Morris has been doing this for the last three years, and it’s a pretty clever move. You have to admire his savvy. If you are a disciple of Christ and are running for office in a city where he serves as a pastor, he wants the Christian community to know you are running.

Morris has greater foresight than most pastors today. While most other pastors shy away from taking bold stands, he can see that if we continue on this current trajectory we are doomed to the same fate as Christians during other communist takeovers in history.

That means they want you dead

Once the Christians are gone (or are sufficiently sidelined), it becomes pretty easy for these tyrants to seize power and things get much worse from there.

If you are in Mid-cities, these are your Christian brothers that could use your support:

Early voting is open so go out and support your brothers in Christ!

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