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Keep Dallas Safe Organization Attacked By Homeless

Homeless tent-city in Dallas is filled with violent squatters

Dallas, the third largest city in Texas, is plagued by a homeless problem that seems to be getting worse.

Earlier this week, Jake Colglazier with Keep Dallas Safe, was on site at a homeless tent-city located off Louise Avenue and 75 in downtown Dallas. He documented tents, as well as a slit trench where it appeared the homeless would defecate into.

Keep Dallas Safe is an organziation that addresses crime and homelessness in the city of Dallas by documenting crime, reporting on homeless activity, and pressuring elected officials to do more to protect it’s citizens.

While documenting the homeless camp, Colglazier was attacked and had alcohol thrown on him by a homeless person.

The homeless person proceeded to walk in circles screaming to herself for several minutes.

Dallas is occupied by over 100 homeless camps throughout the city.

With no end in sight, Dallas continues to go the same way most big cities in America do with an increase of theft, vandalism, and robberies.

Some parts of Dallas are showing as much as a 12% increase of crime year after year.

Via DallasPolice.Net

You can watch the full video documenting the homeless camp at the Keep Dallas Safe Facebook page here.

With the most recent elections over and Democrats winning overwhelmingly in the city, it will be up to citizens and organizations like the aforementioned to demand elected officials provide a safer, cleaner enviornment for Dallasites.

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