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Many People Are Saying (3/29/24)

Weekly Texas rumors, gossip, and projects we're working on.

Welcome to “Many People Are Saying,” our once a week paid-subscriber article where we feature rumors we’re hearing, inside gossip in the political world, and projects and pieces we’re working on that we haven’t published yet.

This week:

  • We have audio of the 911 call from the Abraham George incident as well as court documents alleging violence.

  • A Secretary of State complaint is filed involving the Collin County GOP Chair Race?

  • More sewage is leaking out of Plano…

911 Call Audio Regarding the Incident with Abraham George

We previously published a 911 report regarding Abraham George, candidate for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Police Report from the 911 call.

Open records requests have returned full audio of the 911 call. We’ve modified the voice as well as censored out the private information of the caller. You can listen to the full audio here:

In the audio above, the caller alleges that Abraham George has a loaded gun while shouting and screaming can be heard in the background.

Additionally, court records from 2022 allege that Abraham George had an outburst in a church causing church property to be damaged.

The court records also contain a letter from the church documenting the incident with the church alleging that George was shouting “obscenities” and was “violent”:

A full copy of the court records can be read here:

CAUSE N0. DC-21-04323
2.25MB ∙ PDF file

George is scheduled speak at the Coppell Republican Club on April 15th.

Someone in Collin County is Filing a Complaint in the County GOP Race?

More Collin County drama…

We received this message claiming that the Secretary of State is being contacted about a complaint with the Collin County GOP Chair race.


The letter alleges that Shelby Williams, candidate for the County Chair position, cannot take the “Oath of Affirmation” due to Williams offering his opponent a Vice Chair position if she were to withdraw from the runoff race.

There is no further information, but we’ll be reaching out to all parties involved for comment.

Plano City Council Has Complaints Filed Against Members

Infinite Collin County drama…

We’re working on a story involving potential corruption within the Plano City Council. We’re still gathering documents, but it’s possible that city officials are asking others to resign for looking a little too closely at certain approved projects.

It also looks like the city is meeting tomorrow to discuss a complaint against some of its members.

That’s it for this week. Next week should be interesting.

We’ll see you out there.

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