Many People Are Saying...GOP Convention Edition

Alex Stein Confronts Cole Hefner


Welcome to our weekly post of “Many People Are Saying” where we’ll feature some of the rumors we’re hearing, inside gossip in the political world, and projects and pieces we’re working on that we just haven’t published yet.

This week we’ve got a video where Prime Time 99 Alex Stein decided to ask Cole Hefner-HD5 a question about his previous tastes in certain things.

For those who can’t remember….

Current Revolt
Serial Adulterer Lacey Hull Says Racist Meme Crosses the Line
Lacey Hull stands for a lot of things, but one thing she will not stand for is people doing jokes on the internet. This is especially the case if the joke can be construed as having to do with the color of the skin. This is the highest from of evil, as all decent people know that jokes always lead to slavery and genocide…
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