NEW LOW: Abilene Library Pushes Interracial, Prosthetic Leg, Pregnant, One-Night-Stand Porn Books for Kids

Of course they are.

Abilene is an amazing Texas town filled with God-fearing Christians. This is the exact reason why the most degenerate library book yet has been discovered being featured in a promotional display in the Abilene Public Library.

The 7-member Library Advisory Board held a public meeting on Monday, August 1st, where citizens spoke both for and against the controversial book, along with the new underlying policy creating a special 3-person committee with oversight of the content in library books.

Citizens were given 3 minutes to speak in an open-mic format, with one speaker accusing the library staff of discrimination against Christians, claiming a discriminatory exchange was caught on video and that a formal apology had been made. Current Revolt has pending open record requests for more information about this incident.

One night stands with a guy wearing a fake leg is a new one

The book is the most extreme book I’ve seen since the last most extreme book.

The prosthetic foot, racially ambiguous man tapping it from behind with an x-ray of his schlong was my favorite picture.

Even the cellphone, which he was presumably using to film himself having sex with the (pregnant?) woman was shown to be grossed out.

WARNING: The following images contain horse-hung asians and scientifically-mutilated bodies.

You can’t unsee this, and unfortunately this is just tip of the iceberg for what these Bolsheviks want for our kids.

Texan’s inability to stop sexually explicit books from children’s libraries shows how a brutal leftist regime hell-bent on poisoning children’s minds is taking control.

They are vampires and willing to wreck every child’s future to satisfy their own vanity.

More to come from Abilene.

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Tommy Oliver