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REPORT: We Went to the Texas Democrat Convention

It wasn't very exciting.

Held just minutes from the largest furry convention event in the state, The Texas Democrat Convention happened this weekend — and as The Texas Newspaper of Record we went to document what really happened.

First, we can confirm what many people have been saying, rumors that it was boring, and that nothing interesting was happening, while also confirming that Democrats in Texas, despite being flooded with big tech cash during elections, are a complete mess on the ground. There was much, much more energy at the Furry Convention going on down the street. More on that later.

We arrived Friday-ish. We were undercover most of the day — our dark brown skin color hid us from Democrats looking to expose us.

Once on scene, the CR team split up.

One of us went to grab our media credentials, which instantly got us straight felted. For the remainder of the day, the Demonrat staff started hunting us like animals.

One of the CR staff attempted to get inside the general session but was pulled out, surrounded by Democrat staff, and asked to leave.

Nevertheless, we easily penetrated the operation with others and found inside the convention center to be a very boring place.

The photo above was at peak busy time. As you can see, not much going on.

There’s a very clear difference between the Dem convention above and the GOP convention seen here:

May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor
via PatriotMobile

We ran into Covid Lockdown Enforcer, Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins, who was masked up and virtue signaling a Ukranian flag in his pocket.

Jenkins has made a career out of over-shilling the ‘current thing’

There were people in costumes as well. One appeared to be a very low-effort Handmaid’s Tale outfit.

When we say it was dead, we mean it was REALLY dead.

There was also this guy.

We went back the second day, which was even more empty than the first.

Democrat delegates seemed to be over it too. The Texas Democrat Party convention ended early due to not meeting quorum. This meant they ended up not passing a party platform.

People were wondering where all the delegates were. Then it became known that they all went out drinking.

We swung by the hotel bar connected to the convention center and confirmed delegates hanging out, drinking, while voting was going on. We had a few with them. It was pretty hilarious.

There was also this Furry Convention going on just down the street, because of course there there was.

Strangely enough, it felt as though the furry convention was the real Democrat convention. The furry convention also had mandatory mask requirements.

The decision to hold the Dem convention in conjunction with the massive furry convention was possibly a last-ditch effort to be able to achieve a quorum, which as we witnessed, only worked for a short time.

We took a few steps inside the furry thing and all we can say politically is YIKES - looks like Democrat thing for sure.

As a matter of the factual record, we can confirm it was busier and people seemed to have much more energy than at the actual Democrat Convention.

Oh. We also found they were selling furry porn while small children were in the room. Grooming children is something that Democrats and furries seem to have in common.

More on that tomorrow.

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