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School Board Trustee OBSESSED with Kids Access to Underpants

Video Courtesy of Trigger Factory.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Trustee Becky St. John spent a large portion of Monday night’s board meeting obsessing over kids access to underpants at school.

Watch for yourself. - video via Trigger Factory

There’s not shortage of news coming out of Grapevine. There’s former principal, James Wokefield out there causing “good trouble” and trying to sue the district for more welfare, a senior admin embezzling money from GCISD’s online school, and most recently, their police chief came out as anti-Christian (also anti-patriot!).

Now they have PantyGate!

Trustee St. John exhausted from the lack of kids underpants

We don’t know why Trustee St. John is so fascinated with underpants being so readily available at school. It seems to be her sole obsession during the meeting and should be very concerning for parents in GCISD. The other leftist trustees even applauded her underpants fetish.

Is she part of the larger groomer industrial complex that has been setup in our kid’s schools?

Is she just following the example of infamous Dallas Panty Thief, Clay Jenkins?

Or is this simply some kind of Social Justice underpants program she’s pushing in her district?

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