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“She Assaulted Her” Wild McKinney ISD Candidate Forum Video

Very normal behavior.

Rising political star Rachel Elliott was allegedly assaulted and had her notes fingered by a sitting McKinney ISD school board member during a candidate forum on Tuesday.

Videos from multiple angles show Stephanie O’Dell reaching across the table with the intent to steal property from Elliot, a candidate in another race, appearing to touch her in the process. There is then a very uncomfortable exchange where O’Dell pretends to not understand why anyone would take issue with her touching someone in order to steal their notes, saying she committed the act because Elliott was “not sharing.”

O’Dell has been a member of the McKinney ISD Board of Trustees for 8 years. She/her is in a 3-way race with Jim Westerheid and Serena Ashcroft.

The event was live-streamed by KD Sims, and aside from one hiccup it was an excellent example of streaming a candidate forum.

The forum included all the candidates except for Lynn Sperry, the incumbent running against challenger Rachel Elliott.

The last question asked was a yes/no: “Should McKinney ISD remain in TASB?”This single question tells you all you need to know about anyone running in any Texas school board race in 2023. Going with TASB means going along with all the unpopular agendas, including the race/sex Marxism stuff, which at this point is just a layer on top of the LGBTP religion.

“Should McKinney ISD remain in TASB?”

Dankel: Yes

Hendrickson: No

Sperry: ???

Elliott: No

O’Dell: Yes

Westerheid: No

Ashcroft: No

We have this affluent white female liberal (AWFL) demographic that is literally a vanguard for the pot-bellied pedophile goblins that walk among us.

One could say a lot about this meeting, and we could critique both sides. For example, I disagree that children should be taught about various sex positions, butt plugs, etc., in elementary school.

I mean, even Democrats are saying butt plugs are too far.

The part of the forum where the ostensibly conservative parent said she helped get one of these smut books removed from the elementary school, only to be relocated to a middle school, is the epitome of “loser conservatism.”

If the book is so offensive and degenerate, is waiting a few years before it’s promoted to a child really a win? Will it really change society in any meaningful way?

“Well, 9 is too young for butt plugs, they should wait until they are at least 11.”

I’d fight against that.

I’m glad to see one candidate (Westerheid) still talking about CRT. Marxism is still the foundational problem with public education. However, one of the leftist candidates stated confidently that “Abbott banned CRT,” which is a complete hoax, but I assume most people believe that.

It would have been a heck of a lot easier for right-wingers to run in these races against Marxism in schools if Republicans didn’t try and steal the credit with another hoax.

Generally Speaking

One doesn’t have to be a communist to appreciate the fact that a government monopoly on childhood education presents a powerful tool for the state to yield. The most powerful tool, in fact.

Many people point out that firearms are just tools, and they can be used for good or bad—and the same is true for government-run public education. While this arrangement likely creates certain incentives, the nature of which a subject to debate, you probably don’t read Current Revolt for the nuance.

Politics in America has reached a point everyone can see the results of having this extreme left-wing worldview taught ubiquitously in Kindergarten through post-Doc. It’s not just the removal of any and all morals (which many people were actually on board with) it’s an inversion of the old moral system.

Worldviews serve to create a framework for how a person thinks and therefore how they act, and if a person wants to be mentally stable they are limited on how it much picking-and-choosing they can do when living by a certain worldview. Too much inconsistency results in extreme cognitive dissonance, confusion, and lashing out in anger when these views are challenged. You see this in left wingers a lot today, with only true psychopaths able to promote leftist dogma in a calm and collected manner.

So why wouldn’t we want schools promoting a right-wing worldview that we support? Leftists have no problem teaching your kids their values. Saying you don’t want schools to “indoctrinate” is not the moral high ground you think it is, because abstaining from making a choice is also a choice.

Right wingers know what they want, and must be able to articulate a cohrent worldview to counter the LGBTP religion.

What I’m describing is not complicated either, because the choices are so clear now. You either promote the rainbow flag or you promote one of the traditional, ancient worldviews based on some kind of religion. There is no traditional religion where gay sex is allowed, much less celebrated and promoted to children. You cannot promote the transgender/homosexual/CRT agenda and promote families, because those things are the obliteration of families.

In 2023, it’s clear you can’t be neutral. You have to pick a side.

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