Ted Cruz says Plan is to “Fight For” FBI Reform

That means do nothing.


Prepare to have your mind blown.

Ted Cruz was captured on video giving standard GOP talking points as answers to questions from a random person on the street. The left say his answers are right wing extremist rhetoric. Many people are saying his answers are based.

You be the judge.

The she/her lib journalist is trying to get Ted Cruz to admit that Mitch McConnell is planning to disband the FBI and turn America into a Christian Nationalism Sharia Law Handmaid’s Tale Theocracy. Obviously, the Republicans in Congress plan to do nothing other than continue to get rich by selling off what’s left of America.

Cruz says quite clearly that he and the other Republicans are going to “fight for” changes in the FBI. This is the plan as real President Trump and quickly many more of his supporters are being targeted by the thugs that run FBI, DOJ, ATF, etc.

Unless you started following politics yesterday, you’ll recognize a promise to “fight for” as the ultimate cliche for a hollow promise.

Revolver News said it was based!

If the FBI was targeting Israel, Ted Cruz would be calling for a real January 6th with 300 QAnon Shaman super-soldiers to do an insurrection. But since they are targeting Trump and his supporters, it’s just a background noise he has to deal with when people approach him with hidden cameras.

Cruz really needs to go away. I’d prefer he resign tomorrow, but he definitely should not run for re-election. Certainly we’ve got someone better than this walking around.

When Current Revolt started in 2020, we had a joke that making the statement “there are only 2 genders” would soon be the bar for what is “based.”

At the time of the joke, that was certainly was not the case.

Today, the bar is even lower than that.

It’s time to raise the bar on what is based.

That’s why I’m declaring Cra-Z-Art the most BASED arts and crafts company in America with their plan to reintroduce segregation in American schools.