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Texas Prepares for Endless Wave of Non-White Invaders

They don’t stop coming, and they won’t stop coming

Texas is experiencing unprecedented levels of illegal immigration. Every other civilization in history would refer to this as an “invasion.” Instead of repelling the invasion and letting the chips fall, Governor Abbott is doing a wacky stunt with Chinese cargo containers.

Texas Tribune

Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a video Wednesday of the state’s latest attempt to secure the Texas-Mexico border: about 20 shipping containers lined up along the riverbank next to the international bridge that connects Eagle Pass with Mexico. Behind the containers, the images showed a fleet of Department of Public Safety patrol cars and dozens of officers walking around.

Abbott described it as a “steel wall” designed “to protect communities & property owners.”

Gov. Abbott has currently set a limit of INFINITY on the number of people allowed to cross the border into Texas illegally. These illegal aliens do not take this shipping container wall seriously. Just look at it:

There are giant gaps to protect the trees lol.

Some might call it a “Mesquite Tree Loophole” because there’s probably some global warming regulation that prevents them from cutting these trees down and of course that law gets enforced 100%.

The idea of using shipping containers for this purpose is a actually fairly clever; they are easy to put in place, they are hard to bypass and we have them readily available.

The issue is the illegals know that none of the immigration laws will actually be enforced and they will be let into the country whether there are shipping containers in the way or not.

They’ll just be re-routed to the processing facility and then released into the interior of Texas.

The Epoch Times reported earlier today:

The Texas National Guard told media outlets that its service members are trying to funnel asylum-seekers to designated ports of entry while their “primary goal” is to prevent “illegal crossings into Texas.”

Many patriotic Texans working for the Texas National Guard, ICE and Border Patrol would actually like to end illegal immigration once and for all, but they are handcuffed by literally weak-knee’d governors and apathetic politicians too comfortable to do do anything effective to solve the problem.

Jeff Leach claims he is “too blessed” to care about the concerns of Texans worried about an open border and other Democrat agendas marching forward in Texas.

A few months ago, 10,000 Haitian criminals attempted to rush across this same section of border. You may remember this picture:

Totally epic

These tactics were highly effective and the invasion was temporarily halted.

The bold officers were derided and ridiculed for protecting Texan families and ultimately were barred from using horses to patrol the border going forward.

Do you know what happened to the Haitian criminals? They live in your community now.

And here we are again, with a new horde of illegals gathering at the border, ready to invade and destroy your hometown.

The laws already exist to end illegal immigration. They just need enforcement.

Laws are enforced against Americans at the end of the barrel of a gun, but with gangs of criminal invaders all we get are excuses and some very disgusting foods.

Video from last week of illegal aliens cooking up some rats to eat

It’s slap in the face to the people of this great state that their elected leaders refuse to enforce the law.

So what’s the solution? What are Texas voters supposed to do; VOTE HARDER next time?

Is this how a democracy functions?

Maybe it’s time for a new system,

A New Texas Republic.

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