Thermal Drone Shows Third World Invasion

Republicans who run Texas continue to lie about the border and use tired rhetoric.


A video from Fox correspondent Bill Melugin shows a thermal image captured from a drone, highlighting the scale of the invasion at the Texas border.

They are marching in formation like soldiers. These people are coming to our county to, I don’t know? Do whatever?

Justin Holland, the white Sammy Davis Jr., has been joining Abbott in the worn out blame game thing.

This is a democracy, bro.

I know we have a democracy because the media and Democrats tell me about this Democracy all day, every day.

Can we vote for like, heads on pikes at the border?

It can be informal, maybe we vote to pay a cartel to do it? It would work very quickly!

Put it on the ballot!

We tried to have a border using “regular” laws, but it just didn’t work out. Sad!

It’s clear we need more democracy and to vote on putting automated killbots on the border.