TPUSA's Young Women's Leadership Summit 2023 Review

Some interviews and our breakdown of the event.


We had a chance to interview attendees on questions regarding the recent trends in the manosphere and Andrew Tate. You can check out our interviews with them above. Thanks to everyone who took the time to chat with us!

This past weekend Current Revolt attended the Turning Point USA’s annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit (YWLS). Alex Clark, host of Popilitcs and The Spillover, kicked the conference off with a bang with this incredible line:

“Politics should not be a priority right now for conservative women. It should be culture.”

Alex Clark of Turning Point USA

Clark went further on to set the tone for the rest of the weekend by dispelling the lies of modern feminism such as birth control, abortion, fertility, and daycare. More than ever before, YWLS has shifted its focus to anti-birth control and anti-IVF sentiment in exchange for holistic medicine and traditional family values. Breakout sessions like “Hot Mom Summer” and “ANTI-WOKE WELLNESS: HORMONES, NON-TOXIC LIVING, & HOMEBIRTH” crossed politics into health and wellness “mommy culture.” All of the wellness markers that used to signal hippie moms have now morphed into suburban Republican mothers.

Turning Point’s new emphasis on pro-family stances are a welcome change and likely stems from Charlie Kirk’s own recent marriage and journey into fatherhood. His wife, Erika, is a welcome asset to his brand. I think this is a step in the right direction and shows Millennial and Gen Z conservatives coming into their own and finding their place in the world outside of the political landscape. What used to be a conference full of strictly college students has become an all-ages event for the whole family. TPUSA Events even marketed to young mothers with discount codes and offered free admission to children under the age of 10. Many mothers were seen throughout the conference pushing infants in strollers while Benny Johnson’s wife, Kate, spoke in the general and breakout sessions accompanied by their two young children. 

Love this.

Madeline Peltz of Media Matters did make a valid observation in her piece, “Career women in right-wing media tell young girls to give up their dreams at Young Women's Leadership Summit.” On the one hand, “marriage and motherhood” are lauded as the ideal roles for conservative women, yet attendees are simultaneously encouraged to pursue political careers. Peltz specifically points out that “Not only is [Alex] Clark a highly successful political commentator with two podcasts and the face of a yearly conference, she is also, as she noted in her own speech, not a mother.” Candace Owens was also critiqued: “She is a woman who you might say “has it all”: a career, a public platform, and a family. But she presents herself as if she appeared on stage to roaring adoration by accident, her authority stemming from her status as a model mother, and not because of a single-minded ambition to get famous through a Faustian bargain with conservative media.”

Lauren Southern, one of the original right-wing female political influencers, recently confessed a whirlwind romance and marriage with an Australian Fed. Eventually he chose his government career over his family, and she was reduced to living in a trailer park as a single mother. It’s an ominous warning to young conservative women speaking up online. Southern was systematically blackballed by international governments, which ruined any potential mainstream career opportunities along with her own marriage.

So what are young conservative women to do? Allie Beth Stuckey was able to share some biblical wisdom in the midst of the confusion. “I can tell you what your highest calling is,” she said. It’s not to have a career, “it’s not even to be a wife and a mom, as wonderful as those things are. Your highest calling is to glorify God.” It’s really as simple as that.

Talk of the culture war and politics is only meaningless background noise if you don’t have the solid moral foundation that is Jesus Christ. There is value in being ordinary, whether as a student, a young single woman, a wife, or a mother, because the extraordinary already happened at Calvary. Anything outside of that is meaningless, oh vanities of vanities! All is vanity!

Thanks to Turning Point USA for a great event!

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