VIDEO: Migrants Invading Texas At Texas Border

Migrants illegally crossing into Texas and climbing over barbed wire.


Update: If you’re having issues with audio from the above video, you can hear it easier on our Twitter post here.

They often say in order to really understand the seriousness of an issue, you have to see it yourself. So we did.

Last week, we took a trip to Eagle Pass, Texas with YouTube Political Commentator NuanceBro and Ashley St Clair of the Babylon Bee.

As you see in the above video, we stopped at the Migrant Resource Center in San Antonio and saw an incredibly long line of migrants waiting to receive direction, aid, and processing.

We then drove down to Eagle Pass, and within 10-20 minutes of being there, the videoed incident happened.

The border situation is completely out of control and President Brandon either has no idea what he’s doing, or he’s purposely ignoring the issue for likely nefarious reasons.

Mostly men.

According to the US Customs and Border Protection website, we’re trending to have a a record number of illegal crossings in September at well over a quarter million; keep in mind, this number only applies to our southwest land border.

We will likely exceed 2022 numbers.

Demographics are also interesting for these crossings. According to data, Texas is being invaded by literally the entire globe.

As you can see above, the majority of crossings are from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti.

Elon Musk also took time to visit the border on the same day as our expedition, and saw the crossings firsthand. It’s always great to see those with greater reach also sounding alarm bells about a potentially civilization-ending issue.

Musk also quote tweeted a video of our reporting.

We don’t see the situation improving anytime soon.

NuanceBro has a thirty-minute-long breakdown of our entire trip for those wanting more details.

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