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VIDEO: Mostly Peaceful Youths SNAP at Plano Hooters

The free market entrepreneurs were just trying to sell candy when a racist “no-solicitation” policy came up.

Systemic racism caused by climate change has once again led to violence over chocolate bars at Hooters.

Thanks a lot, Putin.


A Hooters in [Plano] Texas came under intense assault this week -- with a group of youths going crazy on the establishment and their customers ... supposedly, because of some candy.

Video from the altercation first surfaced on Thursday -- when the incident appears to have happened -- but started making the rounds this weekend ... and the footage is absolutely wild. You see a bunch of young guys, some of whom are shirtless, losing their minds.

Of course they are losing their minds. Climate change is going to destroy the earth in 12 years.

We're told these guys are door-to-door salesmen and that they came around that night trying to hawk their goods, only to be turned away over a no-soliciting policy Hooters has -- which is apparently what set them off.

Police are still looking for those involved.

The Baylor Bears Fan Gary Coleman

If you liked Shoeless Joe Jackson of the Black Sox then you’ll love Shoeless John Doe of Unmatched Socks.

This gentleman seems to have lost his belt. Studies show a lack of belts disproportionately affects African American men.

The Rasta Man with the crazy underpants

The gym rat.

The black Jackie Chan.

As of this morning, these young entrepreneurs are still on the loose and are considered gangsta as heck.

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