VIDEO REPORT: Dallas Bar Hosts Drag Queen Event For Children

Children were brought onstage to dance.


Last weekend a Dallas bar called Mr. Misster hosted a “Drag The Kids to Pride” event where they invited small children to dance on stage with drag queens wearing thongs.

Besides seeing half-naked men in womens clothing up close, children were also subjected to the following signs on display.

Protect Texas Kids, an organization focused on exposing sexual and leftist propaganda to children, organized a protest against the event.

Several local DFW right-wing figures were in attendance including John Doyle and Alex Stein.

Leftwing antifa was on-site. With several seemingly mic’d up. Definitely well organized.


Left-wing agitators were also on-site who would drive by and honk their car horns. In one case, a now identified Southwest Airlines Employee, John Joseph Dean, spit on a conservative protestor.

We reached out to Dean for comment, but his phone was shut off.

The protest was a success, with a huge crowd turning out against the idea of grooming children. This sort of thing doesn’t stop here though. There’s also a bar in Houston that held a Drag Queen event for children.

May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'FEATURING Cyn City Angelina D.M. Trailz Chloé C. Ro EVERY SUNDAY ALL AGES WELCOME! PET FRIENDLY! Beats by DiAthenz SUNDAY FUNDAY RAGRRIN'
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How is this any way appropriate for young children to see?

Groups like Protect Texas Kids have vowed to continue to expose this grooming of children. The good news is that the majority of sane people, even leftists, are against this sort of thing.

One of the trans attendees of the event even changed their mind about the appropriateness of children attending drag queen events.


Keep the pressure on.