VIDEO: Representative Jeff Leach Traffic Incident


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We’ve obtained the copies of both the police footage as well as police reports involving Representative Jeff Leach. Our edit is above as the video footage is incredibly long. We will upload a link to the full video later.

Representative Leach provided us the following statement:

As I knew would be the case, I am grateful that the video footage has resolved this matter, clearly evidencing my intent and attempt to act as a Good Samaritan and proving, once again, my utmost respect for our law enforcement officers and first responders. I appreciate their understanding of this situation as minor. And I am ready to put it behind us and to continue to focus and work on the real issues that matter most to my constituents and to all Texans. - Representative Jeff Leach

Police reports from the incident:

We asked Rep. Leach about the gift cards. He stated that he planned on purchasing the officers coffee for the meeting but since he arrived after them, and they had already bought their coffee, he just got them two $5 gift cards.

This is hardly what some are calling a bribe.

Thus ends the great traffic scandal. Not something worth breaking popcorn out for, and definitely not what some teased as being some sort of huge career-ending incident for Rep. Leach.

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