Phelan claimed they secretly blocked the vote from happening already.


It was famously said by a former State Representative that “there’s no such thing as rape in marriage.” However, there is such a thing as rape in the Texas House, and you do not get to vote on the use of lubrication.

Watch the kooky exchange between Phelan, Slaton, and Geren, which was streamed on Slaton’s facebook page. This seems to be the only place you can watch the debates that includes the ability to rewind.

Geren raises a point of order saying that a rule had already been passed preempting Slaton’s amendment. As per usual, these hucksters are desperate to avoid accountability for literally anything. They don’t want to be on record supporting Democrats running things.

Geren says that resources of the House “cannot be used for political purposes.”

This is really what is said.

The point of order is sustained, and Slaton’s amendment is killed, but not before Matt Schaefer points out what a ridiculous, slimy sleaze ball all these people are.

Schaefer asks whether or not the House Republican Caucus and House Democrat Caucus are “political” in nature since they also utilize House resources. Phelan, looking very annoyed that his pants have just been metaphorically pulled down, says he doesn’t have to answer the question, which is extremely typical of these people who rule over us in unrighteousness.