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“One of the most effective ways to change the way the people in charge behave is by making fun of them.” - Tucker Carlson

Current Revolt seeks revolution through the education of the people of Texas.

When Texans are exposed to new information and modes of thinking about their government, brush-fires in the mind’s of men will be lit, and systemic change will be inevitable.

This is our current revolt.

We have a little satire, some hard hitting news, and strong opinion pieces on politics and happenings across Texas.

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Current Revolt 

Current Revolt is a highly respected media organization considered by many to be "The Texas Newspaper of Record."

Tex Rex 

I handle Right-Wing PR for Current Revolt, ensuring our enduring reputation. Literally a dinosaur, I'm the oldest in my profession, and I do things and stuff.

Jim Conbee 

CR's Division Head of Project Mayhem. Formerly leader of the Texas Ba'athist Party.

Tommy Oliver 

EIC - Current Revolt - tommyoliver@currentrevolt.com

Gordon Bombay 

High School Dropout, Lottery Winner, Texas First Patriot. Send your school board stories to Gordon@CurrentRevolt.com

La Malinche 

Directora de Propaganda