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Abbott FORTIFIES Border with Dangerous Alligators


In a recent interview, Texas Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan, seemed to suggest that he was working with Governor Abbott on a plan to increase border lethality to deter potential invaders.

Step One of this plan is to fill the Rio Grande with vicious Alligators and we’re happy to report that Step One is a GO!

The video above captures brave Texas Parks & Wildlife Rangers (under Gov. Abbott’s orders) picking up a homegrown gator to transport to the border. Consider this notice served third-worlder.

Some are complaining that this is a stunt or is not β€œcost-effective”. I ask you, is any price to high to keep Texas, Texas?

These people keep coming to our state and they treat it like an ATM.

They enjoy the peace and safety established by the Texian people while they actively erode it. They send all the money back to their home countries, they commit disproportionate levels of crime and then complain about racism or whatever.

β€œThey’re not sending their best.β€œ

If you are an Illegal Alien Invader you best be high-stepping it to another state β€˜cause Texas ain’t putting up with this no more.

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