Dec 6, 2022·edited Dec 6, 2022

Abbott knowingly lied about his last vaccine mandate ban and gave Texans the bird as they were being force-medicated and losing their careers. His last "vaccine mandate ban" was WORSE than doing nothing at all. It made Texans who were not impacted think the issue had been dealt with, and it let politicians off the hook with an easy lie; "It's already been taken care of." This was all by design and it was absolutely disgusting.

Maybe this will help some people in some sectors temporarily (health), fine, good. It's mostly too little too late. Greg is now coming in after the corpses litter the battlefield and the battle has been won, and he is claiming victory for himself. Typical, disgusting Greg.

This law only targets covid-19 and ~85% of the population has said no to the booster non-sense. Covid vaxx mandates cannot exist in the world anymore, the people have already said no. The MRNA technology is expanding to every medication under the sun, and there are few protections for Texans against those. When they change the name of covid-19 to covid-22 (why wouldn't they?) this bill will be null and void.

The state of medical freedom in Texas is an absolute disgrace. Literal evil. Until something concrete is finalized and in law, this is yet another Abbott attempt to plant a flag and declare victory, without actually dealing with the massive issues Texas faces.

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