Antifa Arrested by Fort Worth Police

Two were charged with felonies.


Antifa finally met it’s match when it ran into the Fort Worth Police Department.

Last weekend, Protect Texas Kids organized a protest at a “family friendly” drag show hosted by Fort Worth Brewery and Pizza.

The New Columbia Movement was also on site, praying the rosary and peacefully protesting when a member of the Antifa-alligned group, Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, casually walked up to them and assaulted them with mace.

Video of the assault and subsequent body camera footage of the arrest was posted on the Fort Worth Police Twitter account:

Three members of Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club were arrested. The mugshots really tell you everything you need to know about these individuals.

Fort Worth Police also released their statement on the event:

The New Columbia Movement has announced they will be pressing charges.

We applaud the Fort Worth Police Department in ensuring justice was served.

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Lmfao we can’t stop laughing at this mugshot.