Baylor Medical School has a Vision and Values statement. They've changed it to show it's Wokeness level. Delivering patient care to DIVERSE populations. You'll notice they don't say anything about mutilation of children. Everyone who suffers gender dysphoria should receive mental health treatment. Instead, Baylor encourages the behaviors caused by the dysphoria.

If you look at the logic, they would treat a person with suicidal idealation by providing them different methods to end their life.

Mission: Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine develops diverse, compassionate physician leaders and educators who provide expert patient-centered care to diverse populations, supported by evidence based practice and scientific innovation.

Vision: Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine serves as a model for innovation and excellence in medical education pedagogy.

Through personalization of training, we empower our learners and faculty to:

Care for a diverse community of patients

Educate the next generation of physician leaders

Pursue scientific discovery

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Evil!!!!!!! Insane and the only winner in this is SATAN

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There is a special place in hell for people who mutilate and/or facilitate the mutilation of children. I am secure in the knowledge that they will all find that place sooner or later. The punishment will fit the crime for all eternity and there are none more deserving.

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