This is what making everyone play by the same set of rules looks like. It’s not bad enough we have to fight the psycho dems but we also have to fight our own establishment. After fallowing all the rules to hold a special meeting the “establishment” doesn’t recognize it because the resolutions aren’t in their best interest. Most of the resolutions restore power to the body of the CEC and away from the county chair and his followers.

An easy way to recognize an establishment (rino) is when they call us trying to holding them to the rules as “extremist”.

This meeting has to happen or we lose our party. You have choices. Constitutionalist, establishment and liberals. It shouldn’t be a difficult choice.

We are finally winning. This is why the meeting was so chaotic. Brent and his followers no longer have the votes to do their bidding and we, the grassroots do.

Brents followers (establishment) did exactly what he instructed them to do during a zoom meeting he had with them prior to the meeting. He called for all the chaos.

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And don't get me started on the average voter.

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I would like to point out the fact that our Party, at least the Conservative base, has been under attack since Obama's first term and likely before that. Battleground Texas has been working non stop to infiltrate the Party working with the established GOP RINOs and ex Gingrich Contract With America bunch of traitors to destroy the Conservative base of this Party. We must exorcise our Party of this poisonous element with extreme prejudice and a no holds barred style of fighting them because that is exactly what they are doing to the rank and file conservative base who have aligned with MAGA patriots to try and save this country.

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Stories like this underscore the need for our state Legislature to take a look at our election code. I generally think our primaries should not be open primaries as they are now. This would do a lot. I also think we may do well by making the EC members elect the position of County Chair. There have been too many issues in recent years. Does Rob Morrow come to mind?

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You continually prove that this site is dedicated to spin and propaganda of extremists. If you would like to exhibit true journalism then start interviewing both sides. The clown show was instigated and planned by a fanatical group that just wants to take control of meetings and shows no desire to do the actual work of the county party; which is to help promote republican candidates and move more elected offices into the R column.

For example: How can you enter activities that happened in February into the meeting minutes of January. You cannot time travel into the future for the past minutes. That is out of order. A small vocal minority wants to host meetings in shady back rooms, not for the purpose of getting out the vote or registering more republican voters. No instead they plot to take over the DCRP. And that is the real story that your site refuses to acknowledge.

The sane republicans of Denton County which represent a large majority are embarrassed by the clown show hosted by the fringe. It turns off voters, and the Democrats are loving every second. The very Precinct Chair you show in the video at the mic was a card carrying member of the Democrat party at one point, and maybe a plant now.

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The illegitimately elected democrat doner learned last Thursday that he can't rule the party like a tinhorn communist dictator.

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As Mr. Earnest said below, same thing happening in Montgomery County except we do know the chairman's wife is a political consultant, funded by two commissioners, as well as a fellow RINO minority of sycophants who're trying to take control of the local party by ignoring the Election Code (172.118) in not uploading the majority's appointments to precinct chair positions, RPT Rules (while the RPT Chair and many of the RINO SREC remain silent), our own bylaws and Roberts Rule(RONR). What does it say about the party chair and many in the SREC when they won't enforce the state party's rules against a rogue chair? Unfortunately they didn't take a stand and we had to take it to the courts.

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I was at that CEC meeting, I’m just a concerned American voter, I recorded the whole thing. How did Brent Hagenbuch get elected? He is divisive to say the least and wonder what his real motivations really are. What does an average person do to get him kicked out of the party? He clearly does not represent my interests in the Republican Party. I was proud of the 67 Precinct Chairs that stood up to him!

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Same issue in Montgomery County

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Imagine running a CEC meeting where 7 people like you, 5 people think you're doing a good job and almost 70 dislike you, think you're inept and want you gone.

I can tell you 100% for sure, Denton County CEC meetings will only get worse with Brent Biden (Jayne & Diane really) at the helm. It will not stop so come prepared RINOs.

Added bonus: What the heck is going on with Jim Johnson? Not very good "Judge"-ment. Maybe that needs to change too.

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