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Schaefer voted for the Speaker that he knew with 100% certainty would put Dems in leadership positions. The Speaker that he voted for, with no fight whatsoever, killed his bill. What a hero. Is Schafer going to still be a "good Republican" when he votes for Dade again in 2 years?

Where was Schaefer or ANY of the Freedom Caucus when Abbott was running for reelection against three VASTLY superior candidates? Absolutely nowhere, as far as I could see.

When Abbott was locking down the state and lying about stopping forced injections, Schaefer was near the best politician in the state, with a response that amounted to "Gee, this is unfortunate, we shouldn't do this" while failing to identify at every step that his own corrupt disgusting party was responsible for all of it.

Matt Schaefer is the kind of Republican that would be great 40 years ago when the world was sane, the issues in play didn't matter much, you had no need to know who your rep was and you just needed a warm body to pull the right lever on votes. How many decades do these "good Republicans" need to kiss the establishment's ass and get kicked in the teeth in return before I'm allowed to stop thinking these types are "good" Republicans?

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The lawmakers have mastered the art of doing nothing under the guise of action... all that's missing is a ribbon for 'Best Political Farce' for this border bill fiasco. They sure make elite-level incompetence look easy!

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Where is the story about Dade Phelan presiding over the Texas House of Representative roaring drunk this weekend

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