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The election equipment in Dallas (maybe all of Texas too) has not been retested and certified per SOS laws since 2018!!! Scarpello lied to everyone saying it was... Don't forget, he used to work for Runbeck! And who's his replacement? Heider Garcia! A ex Smartmatic engineer that ran the Venezuelan elections!!

All I gotta say is, get rid of the machines and go back to all paper, handcount at precinct level!!! Also, read TORE MARAS (tore says show) extremely detailed affidavit regarding ELECTION INTEGRITY!

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You know... a Republican Party that is still infested with Libertarian Never Trumpers like Jen Hall et al, will NOT be finding any extra dollars to help the only Republican contender for the Presidency, DJT. Our own Tarrant County Party under Rick Barnes tenure refused to even allow a discussion of stolen elections here. The self same County Chair-fake Conservative-"Mr Financial Disaster" Barnes who is now running for Tax Assessor. UGH! For those of you uninformed Republicans, the good ole boy network thrives here in Tarrant and surrounding areas because of your ignorance and complacency. I would have thought by now many more of you would have gotten a clue about who has a stranglehold and death grip on the Republican Party statewide and county wide but many don't appear to care as long as it doesn't 'touch' them. Keep on 'voting' on fraudulent cheating electronic machines which btw are also enabled by the Republicans to get what they want like all those Amendments that passed and should not have. How do you think the Republicans will win anything in 2024 when we are still using the same cheating system and even handed off our Mr Smartmatic to go and perform his 'magic' cheat spells in Dallas County?? All I hear is'we are going to vote so and so out in 2024' and other empty garbage talk along similar lines. Even those who are running for office, in case you haven't noticed, rarely bring up our rigged election system. Any politician who doesn't make that issue their #1 priority is not someone you want to vote for anyway for whatever good your voting might be using the current cheat system. This just signals to me when I hear it that, you are telling me "hey I am a lazy ass voter who doesn't care or pay any attention to what is taking place under my nose on a daily basis". Keep on living the lie folks because karma is running closely on your heels and will catch up soon. If your discussions don't revolve around stolen elections, you are living a lie. And people need to ask the Party Leadership what they are doing about all those Republicans who stopped voting because of the system being used to steal the elections. The ranks of the newest silent majority is growing by leaps and bounds and it is being created by their own Party.

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I don't know if it is ok to give info on a link here, but I just watched this vid and it was the best I have seen re our election situation . I have gotten pieces, but this connects the dots all over the world.

Title: Madison Forum Maria Zack Exposing the DeepState. source: Rumble.com. Just delete this post if it is not according to your rules.

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