Love you guys, and most of the time I agree with you, but not on this one.

We need to take the fight to them. Not trespassing on private property, but definitely at their homes.

Years ago I went to an abortionist’s house to picket him. He had a doorbell on the public sidewalk, so I rang it and let him know I was going to be protesting him. He said he would f_____ blow me away if I came on his property.

I also went to the home of abortion clinic owners and picketed them.

A group of us even went to the home of one of the security guards. His son was a police officer and was all bent out of shape. Too bad. Go visit the chiropractor.

I don’t care whatever mileage they gain from it.

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Since the good doctor blames his wife for his poor diet choices I will start blaming mine for the same thing.

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People outraged about a home visit? Seriously? How about the IRS agents currently invading people's homes and businesses under false pretenses? Does that outrage these leftist losers?/ I don't believe for a minute the poll showing that loser gaining followers unless they were trolling him. Most polls are fake.

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