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Many People Are Saying (2 Year Anniversary Edition)

Weekly Texas rumors, gossip, and projects we're working on.

(more on the video below)

Welcome to a very special edition of “Many People Are Saying” where we feature some of the rumors we’re hearing, inside gossip in the political world, and projects and pieces we’re working on that we just haven’t published yet. This is going to be a long one!

This is a special, free-edition, because it’s been exactly two years since Current Revolt started.

This anniversary means a lot to us, as a small, scrappy, right-wing rag. When we began two years ago, we would barely hit 3,000 views per month. Now we average around 3,500 views per day.

During these last two years, we have grown exponentially. This is due to the great sources that send us emails, texts, phone calls and mysterious letters, all with insider info and gossip. This is also because of a fantastic team we’ve built up during the last two years that put in a lot of hard work, and stay up late at night researching, checking sources, recording undercover video, and making graphics and media for our stories and social media. So a big thank-you to our sources, and a huge thank-you to CR staff who continue to work incredibly hard behind the scenes, for very little glory.

I would also like to thank our readers for sharing our articles and our paid subscribers for supporting our work monthly. The cost of living is out of control due to Brandonflation and we can’t tell you how much it means to us that you are willing to give us a bit of your hard-earned money to keep us going. Seriously, thank you.

Finally, I’d like to thank our donors. They generously contribute, often times without being asked, in order to support our projects, trips, and major expenses in our investigative work. We only hope we continue to live up to your expectations.


But enough business talk, lets get to the political gossip and news!

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Denton Methodist Church Calls Abortion Holy, Worships “Mother Earth”

The most recent supreme court decision overturning Roe vs. Wade has psychologically damaged a portion of the population of North Texas, and it seems like a lot of them attend the First United Methodist Church Denton offshoot ministry called “Open Worship.” First United Methodist Church of Denton was founded in 1857 by Rev. William E. Bates, the same year the town was formed, because he believed Christ should be a new town’s first priority.

How do you think this guy feels about the murder of babies or gay sodomy?

Unfortunately, since that time, the winds of social acceptability have changed directions and the First United Methodist Church of Denton has capitulated to modern degeneracy on virtually every Christian doctrine. The most recent example of this is their “Open Worship” ministry, in which morbidly obese lingerie models howl about their love of “mother earth,” refer to God as a woman, then a “pastor” proceeds to proclaim that killing babies in the womb is morally righteous. (See video at the top.)

Jonathan Perry’s preaching is vapid, unfounded in scripture and completely devoid of any theological insight. There is quite literally no reason to attend “open worship” unless you’re just hoping to meet Krystal Stroud - a lingerie model (I use this term lightly) who seems very concerned with her pansexuality and #curvyconfidence. We don’t judge you if you like big girls but at least try and find one that worships Jesus and not herself.

“Open Worship” prides itself on being accepting of people and “showing Christ to others,” but it’s clear that the Christ propagated by “Open Worship” is defined a lot more by their social cause obsessions than anything in scripture. If the Jesus you believe in requires nothing of you and only makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then you are merely worshiping endorphins, and not the Lord. Considering that “Open Worship” is already worshiping “mother earth” they may be so far down the path of total apostasy that we can’t see them anymore.

First United Methodist Church of Denton (and others like it) will die, and true followers of Jesus Christ should celebrate that. No one remains in the rift of “deconstruction” like Jonathan Perry for more than a few years. Check on him every little while to see what the slow-motion rejection of Christ looks like at every stage of the process. If you are a Christian, then you can remain secure in the belief that whatever insanity occurs on this side of eternity, God is truly ultimately in control no matter what and your destination is fixed.

If you’re unsure what I mean by this, or if you want to experience the security that comes from knowing the end of the story, send me an email at and we’ll talk.

State Rep Valoree Swanson Throws Shade at Estranged Son-In-Law

In a Facebook post from earlier this week, State Rep Valoree Swanson (HD-150) throws some very blatant shade towards her estranged son-in-law in the comment section.


Ronnie allegedly had some drinking issues in the past.

For those unaware, Ronald Holley is still married to Swanson’s daughter, Erin Swanson, though we hear they’re in the process of divorce. It seems Valoree Swanson is grasping at pearls and still salty about the whole thing. Very funny, petty, shade-throwing from a 65 year old state rep.

President of Texas Values, Jonathan Saenz, and His Weird Protective Order

Johnathan Saenz, the President of the very family-oriented Texas Values has a pretty weird protective order filed against him by his ex-wife.

Saenz had a protective order filed against him by his second ex-wife for unverified reasons.

Saenz also filed a protective order against his ex-wife in this case. This was in relation to his divorce.

Were blows thrown? Angry words? Or is this just petty drama? People are asking.

That’s it for this week. We’re going on several on-location-type trips this month for reporting. If you’re interested in supporting us with a one-time donation we would appreciate that.

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We’ve got some big stories lined up that we’re excited about.

See you out there!

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