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Early in 1990's, A report commissioned by a pro-Texas Businesses company indicated that every $Dollar of payroll paid to a Texas resident turned over at least 8 times in one year.

Based simply on sales taxes alone, that amounts to a return of 70%+ return on every dollar paid to an employee of such a company. Only 20% of a $Dollar paid to non-Texans is recovered by the State.

I suggested to my Democrat representative in Orange Co. TX that he should offer a House Bill that allowed a 10% buffer for Texas Companies bidding on State projects if at least 80% of employees are Texas residents. And that all bidders would be verified before a bid was accepted.

i.e. Bid $100 Texas Company wins even if non-Texas companies bid $90. Within one year, the State

would earn $80 from sales tax revenue alone.

Seemed like a no brainer to me, but the Democrat controlled House that year rejected the bill. The Rep retired after that term.

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