Rep. Leach Served, Rep. Patterson Calls Out TVA, Denton Drama

A breakdown of happenings from today.


Lots of happenings in #txlege today so here’s a quick mid-day breakdown.

Rep. Jeff Leach Served Defamation Lawsuit

Rep. Jeff Leach (HD-67) was served a lawsuit today claiming defamation for saying TEXIT supporter, Morgan McComb, was guilty of “treasonous sedition”.


Video of the process server is above. We’ve never seen a Rep. get served in our short history in Texas politics so this is pretty wild.

A full copy of the petition can be found here:

Original Petition Pd
775KB ∙ PDF file

We reached out to McComb’s lawyer, Paul Davis, for comment:

Rep. Leach has made it clear in his statements on Twitter that he values unconditional loyalty to an oppressive federal government over Texans' rights to freedom and self-government as guaranteed by the Texas Constitution. Rather than engage in discussion with those who disagree, Rep. Leach attempts to shut down public debate by falsely accusing supporters of the TEXIT Bill as being guilty of sedition and treason. Texans should expect better from their elected representatives than to be accused of crimes merely for voicing their opinions. That is why I agreed to take this case. We must hold our lawmakers accountable every time they cross the line or it will be our own fault that we are governed by tyrants. - Paul Davis

Rep. Leach then made a statement on the lawsuit.

Rep. Jared Patterson Calls Out Texas Values Action for Grifting

Champion of protecting children from lefty groomers, Rep. Jared Patterson (HD-106), called out Texas Values Action (TVA) today for attempting to take credit for his HB900 bill.

HB900 would prohibit “sexually explicit materials” from being in school libraries. Something desprately needed.

Rep. Patterson also mentioned that TVA did nothing in 2022 when they were asked for help.

Big if true.

Endless Denton Drama

We’ve got a report on some Denton happenings if you’re so inclined. Denton seems to be in an endless spiral of drama that has now sucked in GOP Chair, Matt Rinaldi. You can read more about it here:

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That’s our mid-day wrap up. We’ll see you out there!

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