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...but it's completely OK to host a Pride Party every June:


EDIT - I just read the ZeroHedge article - HEB has been implicated in pressuring the cancellation...bastards

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This brewery is a joke. They'll accept threats and crap-talking from the protected classes about hosting the event, but, are 'shocked' whenever the rest of the world (a.k.a. normal people) push back against their decision to cancel the event:

“Our place is super inclusive,” he said. “We are super pro-veteran, super pro-law enforcement. We’re trying to be good people in the community. We’re friends with our firefighters, with our police department. ... We have a lot of gay patrons who come in because it’s a place of inclusivity. It’s crazy that we’re getting threats from people.”

Source: https://www.texastribune.org/2023/01/14/southern-star-brewery-kyle-rittenhouse/

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I have always said the only way to bring these businesses and corporations to heel(our heel) is the powerful boycott. Proven effective time and time again. But folks need to follow thru not just say they will boycott.

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Or republicans could use the powers they have to stop this from happening. The govt is basically a corporation of the people of the United States and was designed to allow the citizenry to wield power and stop corporations/industries from destroying everything.

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