Doubtful but at least they are taking a stand!!

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Not if they're concerned about stepping on toes; so which definition of "invasion" are they going to use? The least divisive and non-offensive one? That will be a tell.

Since the presser is in Kinney County at least their sheriff had the cojones to drive some illegals to the International Bridge and then deport them. {That was a news story...}

Some sources say: The announcement is at a 3 p.m. and will be held at the Kinney County Civic Center in Brackettville. [BUT] The event is not open to the public. {That smells and is not a good start.}

Edit: Some basic googlin shows this story broke back in 2021? Well that's too long.

Texas counties declare disaster [now invasion] over border crisis, more to follow https://bit.ly/3NEEqNv

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