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Illegal Aliens Get Free Phones And Flights to Dallas

The "alien flights" don't involve UFOs.

Think the Obamaphone lady from 2012 was cringeworthy? You ain’t seen nothing yet! In the above video, border invaders are queued in Brownsville, waiting to board flights to Dallas. According to eyewitness video, these squatters are using court documents in lieu of ID’s to board flights, as Biden’s TSA treasonously allows. The invading hordes are also given Samsung Galaxy 10 phones, paid for by American taxpayers, without strings attached.

As confirmed by DC Examiner journalist Kaplan Reese, a representative with the open borders group Haitian Bridge Alliance was on scene aiding and abetting the invasion. Is importing people from a nation associated with anarchy and cannibalism rational? I guess we are about to find out.

For those wondering, the MSRP on Galaxy 10 is around $899, and if all received the same phone, the pictured invaders possess at least $17,980 worth of phones. Since this is merely a fraction of those getting coddled by our government, who knows how much is wasted on these vagrants. Worse yet, Biden BANNED GPS tracking of illegal aliens, so they’re allowed to run totally buck wild. Needless to say, their Dallas vacation is on your dime.

If Abbott stood for anything, Texas Marshalls would arrest open borders activists for aiding and abetting, confiscate Bidenphones, and sell them to fund a PERMANENT border wall.

The Feds with screwed over Americans.

As previously covered, many migrants’ deadlines to arrive at court aren’t till four years from now (2027), so most will likely forget or ignore the dates. Combined with Abbott doing the bare minimum (or worse) on the Rio Grande, the results of an open border are catastrophic. Videos of gun battles near border crossings are becoming more common.

Many corrupt local officials are complicit. In fact, El Paso, a town on the front lines of the invasion hosted an invader slumber party at its airport. They have subsequently declared a health emergency, which will only provide them with more taxpayer resources to commit treason. In a nutshell, the entire Texas border is a superspreader for STDs and Third-World ailments like Tuberculosis. With pervert enablers demanding LGBTQ migrants get no detention, expect the border orgy to worsen. With the border horde coming to Dallas, expect an outbreak soon.

With much of the border still unguarded by Abbott, we expect the flood to continue.

While the donor class generally wants cheap labor, there’s much higher stakes involved. As Tucker Carlson articulately explains, the “powers that be” (Democrats particularly) desire mass-amnesty that’ll guarantee Leftist landslides in perpetuity. If this transpires, Texas will go blue forever.

At this news, many launch into “they’ll vote Republican because Democrats are the real racists” or “our magic dirt will make them love the Constitution” drivel. Even if they are natural conservatives, they’ll still vote for subversives due to promises of free stuff. A post-amnesty Texas would result in English being a minority language, crime-ridden slums swallowing every metroplex, and drag queen pedophiles in every school because of Democrat supermajorities via vote-buying.

Besides, the last time we did amnesty in 1986, California went from moderately red to dark blue, starting its devolution into the cesspool we know and dislike. With state-mandated CRT in all post-amnesty schools, anchor kids will be taught to hate and undermine this nation, causing endless chaos and South Africa-style instability.

For the audiographic learners among us, picture a “Bidenphone” version of this song being post-amnesty America’s new anthem. If that doesn’t disturb you, you might need a psych eval.

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