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Trans Day of Vengeance 2.0 at the Texas Capitol

It was like January 6th times 69.

(Video above via Protect Texas Kids)

Sex-crazed leftists stormed the Texas Capitol yesterday, leading to House Speaker Dade Phelan clearing the building to expel the mutants and restore order. Protests have erupted in the Texas Capitol of Austin over the last several days as a vote looms that would effectively end the majority of experiments performed on Texas children to transform them into the opposite sex.

SB14 is a bill that every Republican with any sense about them has signed onto. It cuts off the funding for the hatchet-job genital surgeries and the various chemicals they use for this off-label “transformation.”

Trans-activists filled the Capitol in protest. Motivated by the thought of making everyone ponder and affirm whatever fetish they associate with orgasms, they stood up for their beliefs of orgasming in all kinds of non-marital, non-missionary situations. An especially hot topic was at the forefront, which many contend is the apex of sexual achievement—becoming trans and cutting off your dick.

One of these guys was really into public exhibitionism. He’ll probably relive this night in his head for years.

These dudes can put skirts on but at the end of the day they’re still men.

I hope he’s happy.

Some of the trans-mutants were also arrested.


I mean just look at their eyes. You can tell everything about them from just this photo above. Likely demonically possessed and a couple more SSRIs away from a mass incident of some sort.

Conservative activists overwhelmingly filled the gallery, in red shirts provided by American Principles Project (APP):

American Principles Project is proud to support the Rally to Protect Texas Kid in Austin. We must stop these gender modification experiments on children. We are glad to see the Texas Legislature taking this issue seriously and we hope Governor Abbott will eventually sign this bill into law.

Expect to see us take a more active role in Texas legislation in the future. Texas should be leading the country on pro-family policies.

-via Adam Korzeniewski Executive Director of APP

SB14 was eventually delayed due to Democrats pointing out a technicality in the bill’s language, while Republicans vowed to bring the legislation back later this week.

We appreciate all of the Republican state representatives working hard to pass this bill.

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