This trial was more than what you are laying out for your readers. I lived in Collin County for years, and am very familiar with several of the senators, representatives both in Collin County and through our the state. I attended both churches prior to the Paxtons involvement in both. People, even Christians talk. And if you hear the same things from enough people that have no association with each other, you naturally come to conclusions.

I traded emails with him just as he was entering the political arena on how corrupt our judicial system was, especially with the family court s. He told me that he didn't really have any knowledge of that, even though I had a close associate at work who told me he had handled her divorce. When I asked him about it, he wanted to know who it was. Obviously, for confidentiality reasons, I wasn't going to tell him.

Let's just say, I knew her character and could attest to it.

I just think he has lost his way. And cannot make good, moral decisions anymore. Of course, the only thing he can use in defense is that the will of the voters is being violated. It would have been better, if he testified on his own behalf, coming clean with everyone.

But his voters are clearly challenged by what constitutes moral and ethical behavior.

Having said all this, if you compare Trump to what's happening to Ken Paxton, the difference is clear. Trump at least makes statements that prove to vindicate him. It is very clear that Georgia is as dirty as they come. Any one that has seen "2000 Mules", knows that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. I voted for Trump once, and I'll vote for him again. Our country has never been in better shape. It takes more than interest in border violations, fentanyl, gun freedom and freedom from abusive taxes to representative the will of all the people of Texas, not just special interests.

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What a trial! If I ever have a need for a lawyer that fellow, Buzbee, would be at the top of my list. It is a true pleasure to watch someone who knows their job and how to do it to utmost perfection.

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