I fucking knew it!!!

You stand with Israel. I’ve read your stuff now for about 6 months and have seen hints of you stealing from Wang Lin here and there but didn’t get it until you just admitted it. The worst thing a man can do is plagiarize another man’s work, for what, a few laughs. The poor people reading this site have zero idea what you’re doing dear author, but I’ve got your #.

On the face, your points are good, but everyone is brave until a cockroach flies. You appear to come off as a true Tejano by slamming Abbott and doing your best to point out that he “literally” cannot stand for anything because he’s a cripple and hates his constituents. Then you come out and “white knight” for Israel and trash a 24 year old kid, who does God’s work every single day. A kid, who by the way, just so you dear readers know, had his bank account stolen and was kicked off all social media because only those who risk going to far, find out how far they’ve gone. You, on the other hand write as if you speak for real conservative Texans who follow Jesus Christ. And then you go on to talk about your love and affection for Greg Abbott and how you despise him and his political theater without ever addressing the gigantic, morbidly obese, white (((woman))) liberal, mouth breathing elephant in the room. You not only do that, but Your worst sin is that you

Publicly destroy and betray

yourself for nothing. I cannot follow your logic, but do see your true colors. It’s really a shame because at one point, you had potential. I’ll leave you with this dear author, since you are obviously not able to form an original idea outside of Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy’s slobbering French kisses. You should look for a new job, because you’re either writing your articles with AI, or you’re ripping off Red Ronny’s anti-Texas presidential talking points

A famous sign at a famous Polish vacation resort still says to this day, “work will make you free.”

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Abbott is a juggernaut who rolls over the throats of his opponents.

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Who do you support Tommy? I'm no Abbott fan and didn't vote for him in the last election. Truth be told, I'm for TEXIT and the longer this runaway Biden train goes on, the more I'm convinced it's the ONLY way to keep TX safe - at least safer than the Union (which is lost).

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This comment by Boomerang was literally gobbly gook. Seems like someone intelligent was attempting to write it - albeit while drunk or high. Perhaps a more refined thought process punctuated with some time to revise it so anyone else knows what the hell you are driving at would be a good idea - driver. Otherwise, you risk getting scorched for your 'profound' wisdom shared with the group.

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Oct 15, 2023Liked by Current Revolt

Abbott abuses our sensibilities of the purpose of a Governor. He then earns campaign cash to kind of "fix" the problem, or at least file a law suit.

Abbott used Texas to sue Sanctuary Cities, and the Sanctuary Cities sue Texas back. The taxpayer pays all costs and then has to get their own lives back in order after Daddy's shot by an illegal while getting gas, and Mama's left with two kids and without a husband. What kind of God-fearing, GOVERNOR of Texas does that?

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