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Short of divine intervention, Texans are too dumb to remove Greg Abbott. He got 66% of the Republican primary vote, after his covid and immigration leadership. I'd bet many of the people that voted for him would likely agree with much of Current Revolt's writing but Grandma and Grandpa turn out in droves to vote and cannot see past their Fox News garbage.

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Dying laughing at the “this is not real” allusion and picture of girl on airplane. So good!

Abbott is misunderstood I think. We don’t really know him. What is his actual personality? How does he speak? Who is he? We are such a big state with everything on the line. Who’s running this show? I’d like to see Phelan test each floating toy btw. One foot down. Each one. Holding his breath the whole time.

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The “floating wall” was manufactured by Cochrane USA.

Can’t find a lot on this company. They seem to specialize in border technology.

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To the author: What is the difference between the use of float technology and a border wall? The purpose of a border wall is to prevent people from crossing into the US between ports of entry. Sounds the same to me; are you opposed to that as well?

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