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Every Republican who voted to reduce the penalty should be eliminated from ever holding office. They violated their oath of office. One has to jump to the next obvious conclusion which is how many of our fellow Republican Legislators along with their RAT counterparts would have faced those felony charges themselves for ballot harvesting and cheat machine complicity????? If Texans don't take this issue very seriously, we are all lost forever. Sad that so few seem to care about honest elections.

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Upfront clarification: illegal aliens should ALL be deported. Turn them away at the border.

Period. Full stop.

That said, I can't help but chuckle at the disgusting, glaring hypocrisy on display. When Joe Brandon relocates people by the thousands at taxpayer expense, via planes, trains, or automobiles (buses), it's totally legit. When Abbott or DeSantis or others do it, it's wrong because it's "just for political show."

But here we have someone, paid by taxpayers' dollars, who entrepreneurially created a side hustle, using their taxpayer-owned vehicle, to relocate illegals, made a crap-ton of money doing it, and it's criminal conduct. Now, don't get the impression I'm in favor of what they did. They're disgusting criminals who exploited the system and they deserve to rot in jail over it. I have to wonder, though, why should the people who illegally profited off the relocation of illegals be the only ones to deserve to rot in jail? Shouldn't ANYONE who relocates or allows illegals in be just as guilty?

Or is the only problem with it that they used a gubmint vehicle to do it? If that's the case, it's a pretty pathetic excuse for actual justice.

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