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Very good article!

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To go along with that, here is what Cornyn has in store for us:

“The Civics Secures Democracy Act (CSDA), US Senate bill S.879, is an alarming initiative that needs to be stopped before a possible vote at the end of July. CSDA is basically Common Core for civics, offering millions of dollars in federal grants to bribe school districts to accept nationalized civics standards and curricula. The especially worrisome part is that the standards and curricula are embedded with Critical Race Theory. There is the usual problem, of course: ranking Republican senators (John Cornyn from Texas, etc.) who are clueless about what this entails but think it’s a great way to reach across the aisle and make themselves look bipartisan.”

The end of July is here

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They tried the same thing with Constitutional Carry. But we waited. And we won! That's the trick. They want your experience in Austin to be so bad that you will give up and never return. Well, geniuses, it's backfiring. Grassroots leaders I've discussed this with are even more emboldened to return and return in numbers.

This is a prime example of why we DO NOT WANT DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE CHAIRS!!!

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Most Republicans who say they are conservatives will still continue to vote for the same losers screwing us over. They whine and complain but NEVER learn from past mistakes since they keep repeating them over and over again. For every little step forward, they take ten back with no end in sight which is why RINOS rule the roost.

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This was a great article that shows clearly that they intend to NOT hear us. Like what was said--Every single committee always "invites" us peons to speak but like what was said it is the wee hours of the night and IF you stand a good many of the committee leave and no one hears anything that was said. n response to "invited guests". Notice it is not just one but an entire staff---and the 5//6/7/+ that you see at the table---they also bring staff for support. and on $$$taxpayers DOLLARS---On top of that we taxpayers pay the lobbyist to show up and promote whatever the committee is doing But that too is taxpayer$$$ This is a real to go and have a funday in Austin spend at least one nite usually 2/4 since these same talking heads have private meetings with the Austin creatures This is really a disgrace because all of these events show just how little those creatures think of the taxpayer. When it comes time for election we always forget how "my guy" treats the ones that pay the bill. WE can always find reasons to vote for the incumbent even tho we know that position gives me access to all those campaign $$$$ with never a thought of the taxpayer and how we struggle with all the things they want and we pay for---And this group of swamp creatures are the ones that have made it so parents have no standing parents can be kicked off campus that parents can be arrested as domestic terrorist but how many of you support your elected official. They tell us that the children belong to them

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This is no surprise.

During the 87th Legislative Session we sat behind Indivisible operatives and filmed a man while he typed his testimony. He had to keep referring to a talking point script and flipping back and forth from Word to script.

They should have to wear the organization name on their backs, report their salary to lobby, state what State and Country they were born in, what County they reside in, and how many years they have lived in Texas.

It's all a production, this is just dress rehearsal for the 88th Legislative Session.

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