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VIDEO: Inside Brent Hagenbuch's Office "Residence" in SD30

Nice place!

Controversy continues to surround Brent Hagenbuch’s run for Senate District (SD) 30. The latest scandal comes with a litany of lawsuits stemming from allegations that Hagenbuch was untruthful when he claimed his primary residence to be a commercial office building in his filing paperwork. Critics allege Hagenbuch actually lives outside of SD 30 and is therefore ineligible to be a Senator for that district under the Texas Constitution.

We paid Hagenbuch a visit in the video above. He wasn’t home (at the office), but his staff was so we asked some questions.

All of the GOP challengers to Hagenbuch in the SD30 race, including Carrie De Moore, Cody Clark, and Jace Yarbrough, have filed complaints or lawsuits challenging Hagenbuch’s residency requirements.

As you can see in the documents below, when he ran for Denton County GOP chair, he lived in Little Elm:

When he decided to run for SD30, he updated his residency to a completely different address that qualifies him to be in the district. It also happens to be the same address for his company, Titus Transportation:

The law requires residency for at least 1 year to be a Senator for a particular district, and Brent Hagenbuch only got around to changing his address a few weeks ago.

Is it weird for a married family man to be living in his office while the rest of his family is back in a real house? If he wins, does Brent Hagenbuch plan on living in his office for the entirety of his term?


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