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Dr. Paul Chabot Talks About Rep. Frazier

Frazier plead no contest to charges of impersonation a public servant.

Yesterday, freshman State Representative Frederick Frazier plead no contest to two misdemeanor charges of impersonating a public servant. Frazer, originally changed with two felonies in June 2022, was given one year of probation and a $4,000 fine for each offense.

He separately plead guilty to a criminal mischief charge, and paid a fine of less than $500.

We spoke with Dr. Paul Chabot, victim of Frazier’s alleged sign thievery and opponent in the 2022 Republican primary election. Check out the video above.

We also discussed Rep. Frazier’s current endorsement list. Last night the endorsement list was removed from his website. Here’s the list before it was removed:

The Dallas Police Department confirmed that Frazier was dishonorably discharged for choosing to retire while under investigation.


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